Presenting the most Important Girl in our Lives at Bannerstone:

"Sara Jean"

June 11th 1997-August 12th, 2010-still here in my heart!

Am Ch Twin Acres Dark and Dashing  ROM x BIS Am Ch Highcroft Ultimate Inspiration

From Whom all Good Things Flow


Can Ch Highcroft Ultimate Serenity (Am Ptd)

Sara Jean was born in 1997 and we fell in love with her at the CCA in  Virginia.  Home she came and with her over a decade of Laughter, sharing and Friendship with

Don & Leslie Jeszewski

She has given us our BISS Am Ch ,CCC BOB winner, WD, BPIS and proven to us again and again that she is the Queen with a totally Maternal heart.  Sara has made milk for all puppies no matters whose they were, kittens and even new born grand children.  At a dozen years of age she still mothers her kids that remain here and they honor her as their first love.

Sara did not complete her championship in the USA due to a well meaning exhibitor at a show, who upon seeing the bait was causing her a little upset slipped her an Imodium before MDR1 was discovered.  WE almost lost her but her DNA helped with the discovery even if her showing days were to be no more.

Is that the reason she has made milk for all species all her life, we will never know!  What we do know is we treasure all that she has brought into our lives.